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Young long-haired Levi and Erwin, from persisting's Audacity (no, I’ll never get tired of promoting it, you should already know how obsessive I am with the things I love xD) Tiny tiny Levi kitty ♥

Also, I’ll be gone from tomorrow til Sunday, so behave yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, and fill my dashboard with lovely things ♥


AU where Ciel and Sebastian swap their age.
Well… A Demon Boy doesn’t look half-bad. <3

Artist: スロウス


something that I would really love to see happen in snk eventually

Levi and Eren getting more and more close until they’ve developed kind of a father-son relationship and then one day Eren slips up and calls him “Dad” and Levi’s just like “…excuse me” and Eren’s like “oh shit I’m SORRY I WON’T DO IT AGAIN” and Levi’s just like “…it’s okay” and then he punches him trying to be friendly and is like “…son

and then when Grisha comes back from doing whatever the fuck he’s doing (seriously where did he go) he and Eren have a showdown and they’re yelling at each other and Eren just yellsimage

and Levi’s there off to the side and he’s just like oh my god


December 20, 2013



  1. Taurus Green | Supplements |
  2. Virgo | Light Blue | Tableware |
  3. Leo | Gold | Sandwich |
  4. Pisces | Green | Health Goods |
  5. Scorpio | Gold | Candy |
  6. Cancer | Red | Cardigan |
  7. Aquarius | Pink | Gratin |
  8. Aries | White | TV Listings |
  9. Gemini | Light Blue | Digital Camera |
  10. Sagittarius | Green | Doria |
  11. Capricorn | Purple | Winter Sports |
  12. Libra | Orange | Photo |