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kurotsuki week day 03: crossover/cosplay

progress [x]


Excuse me as I join the pokemon shaming bandwagon with a quick piece xD


Poor Absol baby

.poor room


In Pokémon X, I named all my eeveelutions after times of the day!
Dawn (Sylveon), Morning (Espeon), Midday (Jolteon), Day (Eevee), Afternoon (Leafeon), Evening (Vaporeon), Dusk (Flareon), Night (Glaceon), and Midnight (Umbreon)! 

So of course I had to draw them. uvu <3 
I like themed nicknames for these guys!


Here’s all the suggestions I’ve done over the past week from this palette meme and my 100 Palette Challenge!

I’d really love to do all of the suggestions I have sitting in my inbox, but sadly I have to be choosy because of other obligations in my busy life. I wish I had the time to draw all of them!

Feel free to use any of these as icons, just remember to credit me please c:

Arcanine || Magikarp || Lucario || Espeon || Dragonite || Raichu || Zoroark || Talonflame || Absol || Eevee


Talking with my sis last night… I was wondering how Eevee!Rei could evolve without a trainer, she gave me the idea of the iwatobi boys helping him.

(he was the last to join the team , so he also was the last to evolve)

Please don’t repost it and don’t share outside tumblr.


I guess someone just deliberately jumped on the hot pokemon professor’s bandwagon oops



I asked for some character + pokémon prompts on twitter the other night because I was struggling with artblock (motivation tbh) and I was feeling very… pokémon… yes that is a feeling.

Sunyshore said Rin and Garchomp! ….. but because I could not draw grown ups yesterday I drew babies instead and added Makoto pffbbt;;; ;;

In the end I also based it on her own crossover art!

CAZ, LIGHT OF MY LIFE……………uwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;u;

…and this reblog is my 300th tumblr post!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


trying to train a weak pokemon and it faints so you bring in your strongest pokemon and absolutely murder them in revenge



And here is my team rocket print. I picked a wide variety of pokemon that they’ve either focused on or the episode made a big impact on viewers. I’ll be selling this print at Nekocon! Let me know what you guys think!



I’m finally done ; u ; but my fingers are so numb haha 
I finished Oikawa and Kenma quite a while, but I wanted to finish all of them before I posted it ; u ;

Sorry this is not Christmas-y at all but I didn’t have much time, I’ll be on Vacation for the next three weeks so won’t do any digital work

But Happy Holidays to you all~ 

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